It could always be worse


The unthinkable has happened, It was around 0 degrees last night so we just figured that was the reason for the house being so cold, I bundled up the baby and put her to bed. 1:30 rolls around and she’s is awake I assume its her teeth so I feed her back to sleep after what seemed like forever I notice she feels kinda cold so I wrap her in a blanket and put her to sleep. It seemed like it was getting colder and colder throughout the night so I decided to put a space heater in her room and then put my self to sleep.

The baby slept through the rest of the night then woke up around a normal time, as I awoke I realized it was FREEZING in the house, again I figured it was the horrific weather. After moving around the house for a bit I think to my self it really is cold and thank god I decided to put that space heater in averys room, I can nearly see my breath! That’s when I figured out the heat was BROKEN !

I luckily live with in 3 miles of my parents and was able to go over there till we got someone to come out and look at the broken furnace. Avery and I are still at my parents where I am writing this post trying to entertain my self due to the lack of house work I have to do. The furnace is supposed to be fixed tomorrow so I’m crossing my fingers.

It’s ironic that all I have been wanting to be able to do is get outta the house and do something I guess This is better than nothing. I think my husband said it best when he said no matter how bad the weather is it could always be worse.

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