1 stained carpet, 2 ruined couches and a very happy baby

You always hear people talk about the terrible twos but you never hear about this daredevil stage, where your child is climbing or trying to destroy everything in sight. I’m guessing you know what I’m talking about, your running through the house every time you hear an unfamiliar crash. This stage tends to happen when they finally master the art of walking and their curiosity gets the best of them.
Avery ( my daughter) climbs everything except for the book shelves ( knock on wood). I now find my self running into walls, tables and chairs in order to get from the kitchen or bathroom as fast as humanly possible. Who knows what new treacherous plan she will come up with in the millisecond I’m gone.
Broken vases, ruined carpets, injured children and tired parents. Do we get rid of every potential hazard? is that even possible, i don’t think so. I tend to like my house a certain way with my picture frames and flowers so this stage has been particularly frustrating for me. I don’t believe in putting away all the decorations and table cloths. Children have to learn discipline and its good to practice valuing the things you work hard for so your children can one day do the same. My way may result in one or two extra bumps and bruises but I hope we can make it through this stage with out any serious injuries and still living in a nicely decorated house.


About madisonF

I am a stay at home mom, I spend my days cooking cleaning and shopping. Every aspect of my life is done stylishly to satisfy my very visual brain. I am a perfectionist to a fault constantly exploring why I do things the way I do them. I am easily frustrated and short tempered. I am forgiving and honest. I never stop moving and don't want to.

One response to “1 stained carpet, 2 ruined couches and a very happy baby

  1. Both of my girls were/are this way from very early on – like 8 or 9 months old! I too don’t baby proof my house but it results in a lot of shattered nerves – and other things – for a while 🙂

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