Already reaping the benefits

At first I was hesitant about making my own blog. There’s always that fear in the back of your head wondering if any one will care about what you have to say. I am killing that voice and reminding my self that I did this for me and my sanity. But then again it never hurts to be liked.
Now that I started blogging I am so happy that I am able to up date this blog from my Iphone although not many other features in the word press app work, this one is making my blog a reality. I can write these posts during the long BFing sessions. After only three says I am already feeling like I get to do more for my self, which makes for a happier mommy. A happier mom makes for a happier child.


About madisonF

I am a stay at home mom, I spend my days cooking cleaning and shopping. Every aspect of my life is done stylishly to satisfy my very visual brain. I am a perfectionist to a fault constantly exploring why I do things the way I do them. I am easily frustrated and short tempered. I am forgiving and honest. I never stop moving and don't want to.

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