Buying baby clothes

Of course everyone knows that babies are always growing. so why is it that when I need to buy new winter clothes in the winter months all I find are bathing suits and flip flops! This has been something thats bothered me for some time. Do most people buy there winter wardrobe before it gets cold I wouldn’t think so.
Carter’s obviously thinks so, they are notorious for this. I went there today and found shorts, t shirts and actual bathing suits, it always baffles me. Where are the sweaters and the long sleeved shirts. Summer is about 5 or 6 months from now. I am not a fan of resale store clothing, I love shopping for new baby clothes it a makes having a baby way more fun. Plus Carter’s always has a sale making most of the clothes similarly priced to once upon a child. I love shopping and wish Carter’s would make it a little bit easier because their clothes are so cute and actually true to size. Will this be a problem I ever figure out? Probably not but it definitely feels good to bitch about it.


Just the beginning

Just three short years ago if someone would have asked me what I wanted to do with my life, stay at home mom never would have been my answer, the idea was something I didn’t even like all that much. I liked the job i had for the most part and was planning on putting my newly earned culinary degree to good use.
Than when you are least expecting it you go and find the love of your life, typical. The year that followed would be one of the best years of my life. As that year came to an end we decided to commit to a long life together and start a family. Eight short months later I was putting in my 2 week notice and working my last day of work ever.
Before I knew it I was breastfeeding around the clock, cooking, cleaning, changing diapers and trying to figure out what exactly I had gotten myself into. I was a stay at home mom.

Already reaping the benefits

At first I was hesitant about making my own blog. There’s always that fear in the back of your head wondering if any one will care about what you have to say. I am killing that voice and reminding my self that I did this for me and my sanity. But then again it never hurts to be liked.
Now that I started blogging I am so happy that I am able to up date this blog from my Iphone although not many other features in the word press app work, this one is making my blog a reality. I can write these posts during the long BFing sessions. After only three says I am already feeling like I get to do more for my self, which makes for a happier mommy. A happier mom makes for a happier child.

In search of clarity

If you are thinking this blog is a how to, to become the perfect parent you might be in the wrong place. I do not wish to tell anyone how to or not to raise their own children I only wish to share my experiences with someone, anyone before my head explodes.

I hope to purge myself of the everyday frustrations a stay at home mom experiences in this modern world. I have one adorable 15 month old and an amazing 27 year old who I call my husband. I am 26 and have lived in Ann Arbor all of my life. I spend my days cooking, cleaning, breastfeeding and longing for the days when I can wear turtle necks and 4 inch heels again.

I have struggled to find some one who understands my life and why I am the way I am. This hopefully will be the answer I am looking for.

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